Who is going to crush...

January 6, 2023

2023!   It’s going to be a great year!  No one really expected you to recover immediately from all the changes we’ve seen in the last […]

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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

November 30, 2022

Whether you want to spend just a little or if you just don’t know what to get someone you care about for the holidays, we […]

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Strong Girls Squat and Deadlift...

June 24, 2022

Let’s Go Strong Girls!  Navigate the Gym in the first clinic of our series. Learn how to properly Squat and Deadlift with confidence and proper […]

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Strong Girls!

May 27, 2022

Strength * Power * Speed * Agility * Fun June 13th-July 23rd High school/College: Mon/Wed: 945-10:30 Middle School: Tues/Thurs: 10:30-11:15 6 weeks: $120 1 week:  […]

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Red Bean and Lentil Casserole

February 18, 2022

Here’s another guilt-free pasta recipe for you! You won’t need a spiral slicer for this one, simply use a regular veggie peeler – like the […]

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Snacking for Fat Loss

February 14, 2022

You’ve probably heard that snacking is great for the metabolism…but many people take it too far. In other words, excessive snacking kills fitness results. Let’s […]

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Guilt-Free Kale Chip Snack

February 13, 2022

Salty, crunchy snack foods are a weakness for most people. Instead of eating chips or popcorn or crackers, which quickly add up in unwanted pounds, […]

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5 Fitness Snacks

February 13, 2022

1) Hard Boiled Egg and Sliced Veggies. 2) Sliced Apple and Almond Butter. 3) Natural, Low Sodium Jerky. 4) Seasonal Berries with ¼ cup of […]

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Easy Turkey Skillet

September 10, 2021

Here’s an easy meal that epitomizes lean eating! It’s a simple skillet dish that doesn’t require any highfalutin kitchen skills, yet turns out tasting phenomenal! […]

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