Welcome to Summer!

June 8, 2021

We are so excited for the good things that the new season brings! Warm weather, fresh air, and the opportunity to bring our fitness levels back into perspective!

We are so happy to see that our country can start moving in a positive direction through this pandemic. We have always stood by the undeniable importance of exercise for the sake of our physical and mental health; and we hope that by easing restrictions, more people will continue or come back to their fitness endeavors.

As we sort through the research to determine which recommendations make the most sense for us at Birchwood Fitness, there are a few practices we feel are important to keep in place a little longer, in order to keep our members and staff feel safe and stay healthy.

Masks: If you are fully vaccinated then masks are not required; however, they are encouraged, especially when in close company of other members. Expect to see our staff remaining masked out of respect for our members and everyone’s continued safety while they utilize our facility.

Cleaning Protocols: We will continue our current level of sanitizing and disinfection. We only use a botanical disinfectant solution that is EPA approved and does not contain any harmful chemicals. We ask that members keep proper gym etiquette in mind and continue to disinfect equipment after use.

Classes: We will move some of our classes outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and also continue to offer other classes indoors on the clay courts. (Please watch our website and social media for more of these announcements.) In order to be prepared for classes, we will continue to require pre-registration. We hope to add additional classes back to our schedule very soon.

Gym Sign-up: As social distancing requirements are dropping, many of our members still feel comfortable avoiding crowded areas. While signing up for a reservation won’t be required, we will still keep the system in place, so that you may view the website to see how many people are populating the gym as we check them in..

Steam room: For now, the steam rooms remain closed until further evaluation.

Above all else, our policy is to treat all with respect and kindness so that we can continue to return to normal conditions.